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>>/b/23125 >>23123 And you're a queer
>>/b/23124 >>23118 >>23120 >>23121 :troll:
>>/caos/713 >the file limit is 25mb here >I can finally post this classic here this movie you gotta see duder **my oldest cousins favor
>>/b/23123 Chijo is a faggot
>>/b/23122 >>23117 Every thread you post in is an attempt to shift the direction of the conversation towards you as the centre of attentio
>>/b/23121 >The argument was so good that BO had to sticky it so it could continue Oh boy I have a lot to catch up on
>>/b/23120 mfw thread gets stickied why BO, why
>>/b/23119 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ie6NOhe2-M They don't make it like back in the game. Modern games and modern gamers are cancero
>>/b/23118 >he's lost his mind completely It's ok Trumpcuck BO, I'm here for you
>>/caos/712 >>711 (seven eleven) of courshe this is a special one for you
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