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(51.95 KB 300x100 moonmonbanr.jpg)
BANNER TIME! Anonymoon 01/07/2020 (Tue) 16:46:25 No. 8
What are the specs this time? 300x100 & <200kb? or custom?
(54.51 KB 300x100 metamacbanr.jpg)
(173.39 KB 300x100 moonfapbanrfix.gif)
>>10 fixt
Ah so here is where those cool banners went. 300x100 yes, I can raise the size limit to 300 KB if needed. Thanks so far.
(31.19 KB 300x100 moonchanbanner.jpg)
(5.57 KB 300x100 500moon.png)
(59.62 KB 300x100 moonreibanr.jpg)
>>11 better for phone
(55.22 KB 300x100 moontickchabanr.jpg)
(187.85 KB 300x100 mooneartbanr.gif)
Thanks and added.
(180.46 KB 300x100 moonozzbanr.gif)
i know we got too many banners now that based banner god showed up and put me in my place but i only got a cpl more >thought we needed some scary
>>68 Cool and appropriate banner tbh. Now we just need one with a cow on the moon that says 'MOO'nchan.
(19.75 KB 300x100 MOO2.png)
Fuck it, I made one myself.
(81.74 KB 300x100 orknobfinal.jpg)
>>71 ok cool, i got all side tracked trying to find this cowsmonaut graphic i saw, urs is better. >40k represent


no cookies?