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Celebration thread

ITT we celebrate the fact that Moonchan has been paid for for 1 year. 1 YEAR OF ALL YOUR FAVORITE IDENTITIES AND ANONS AND SHITPOSTING GUARANTEED

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Use this board for complaints, questions and requests.

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/deth/ wants (You)

Davey and kingADVRC for css and deth-chan creation help. And everyone else who contribs: thnxu!

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image board source code?

Hello. I'm not sure what this board is but apparently I can request help? last year 8chan was killed and its not like i ever used it except for one board exclusively. I want to host a separate website for it and I needed general source code for image boards. I doubt anyone has it on hand but is there a website for this where i can get it for free? How expensive is it to host one and how would i go about this?

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Im not /co/, how do we pass .cbr's around here?

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kohlchan just recently got an Oekaki style sketch pad. >would lubs if you stole COULD YUO GET?

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Hey Admin

I just wanted to let you know I'm still butthurt at you for killing astrochan. Give me a hug, faggot.

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What are the specs this time? 300x100 & <200kb? or custom?

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we all know what this chan should be about

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One video per post on /deth/

Guys, guys. There's so much going on in gore videos, that it's impossible to discuss a post when there's five crazy videos, each with something that raises it's own unique questions. You should eliminate multi-upload posts for /gore/ and restrict it to one upload per post.

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Can I b unban

It was an accident