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tfw /pol/ is gone forever

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Welcome to /b/. Enjoy the random funposts.

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Can anyone relate

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/deth/ tv

starting w coronachan

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Reminder that loli is cp, and all of you sickos that save images like this are going to prison with the rest of the pedophiles

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tfw no free real rape videos to jack my peen to :(

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Wwyd with her?

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Who /anger solutions/ here? Because no such thing as anger issues. The other day I overheard a roastie talking about roastie shit and got offended. I hate when others are wrong. I talk that femishit down and, as she refused to be submissive, beat her up. There were 2 cops nearby, they convinced her to not report as they took my to a pub where we drunk and they said if half my generation was like me we wouldn't have leftism. Yeah I knew those 2 from collegue. Man I love being a fascist

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am presidunt yet?

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Cats should be kept inside at all times because they are disproportionately and unnecessarily damaging the ecosystem (mostly birds).

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>PPH >211 >официально мы живее 8coom >скоро это карнавал. Я иду как Куруминья

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Hey everyone just jump right in to It's fucking fun and full of people right now

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You're out of touch

I'm out of time

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Holocaust: Few Americans know the death toll, poll finds

A new survey claims the Holocaust is receding in collective memory, as few Americans know the death toll of Jews. A new survey claims the Holocaust is receding in collective memory, as few Americans know the death toll of Jews. The survey had multiple choice answers: 2 percent said fewer than 1 million died in the Holocaust; 12 percent said about 3 million died in the Holocaust;another 12 percent said more than 12 million Jews died in the Holocaust; 29 percent said they were not sure or did not answer. The survey also reported that many Americans didn’t know the timeframe of the Holocaust in world history: 69 percent said the Holocaust happened between 1930 and 1950; 1 in 10 thought it the Holocaust happened between 1910 and 1930; 2 percent answered between 1890 and 1910; 1 in 100 thought the Holocaust happened between 1950 and1970; 18 percent did not know or gave no answer. The report asked the question: “Are those who underestimate the death toll simply uninformed, or are they Holocaust deniers – people with anti-Semitic views who ‘claim that the Holocaust was invented or exaggerated by Jews as part of a plot to advance Jewish interests?’”

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>красный или синий?

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How is everybody today?

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the year 2035: >heterosexuality is completely outlawed and banned >any talk of marriage is met with hostility or violence >there is only gayporn, being found with straight porn is punishable for up to 20 years to life. what do you do bernd?

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>be 21 years old pedophile >hairy, fit, look 26 >be invited to pool party >go to pool party >fast forward a few hours >only me, 2 lolis, a half nigger loli and her brother in the pool >about to leave the pool when a fat white guy talks to me >asks if i'm going to leave and if I could watch his daughter for 30 minutes >Beta mode activated >"humm... o-ok" >first thing I do is drow the nigger, because I don't like him near the white girls >this causes the nigger girl to give me attention and affection >asks me to "teach her to swim" >other 2 girls also want my attention >soon they take turns with one rubbing herself on me and two other literally fighting each other >Ay Ay Caramba >not that I give a fuck but I look around to see if anyone is watching >2 guys, the fat one and another I assume to be the father of one of the white girls, are drinking nearby >several adult women looking at me and smiling, but looking away when I look at them >suddently my mom (she invited me to this) says we are leaving in 15 minutes >I say fuck it and start grabbing their little butts >14 minutes later, leaving the pool >one of the guys talks to me >ask if i'm my mother's son, says she talks a lot about me, says i'm good at video games >he says he has a son around my age, asks if I want to come and play some time >sure, I give him my number >in the car, going hom >mother: "You shouldn't interact with women younger than 18, you can go to jail!" >stepfather: "there will be another party next month, them you will have time to fuck them all" >yes, he literally said that >a day later >mom says by wats app that i'm univited to the party >another day later >the guy who say if I wanted to come over to play video games sends me a whatsapp >he says there will be another party next month This was all 2 days ago, the party was sunday. He will likely invite me to his house to court his little girl play video games with his son. I'm looking foward to it. See anons, all you gotta do is be yourself

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any code wizard here ? would i t be possible to make an addon for firefox that automactically next people i already saw on Omegle?

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why did the latins ruin everything

they discover a whole continent, complete genocide and bring african slaves only to mix with them and fuck up their entire bloodline. no wonder even white spaniards are locked in the same category as nigger mexicans. anyone else despise their own people? i wish iberians where gased to death i fucking wish i was never born a spic

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is the squidward ethnostate feasible?

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When i see those "global epidemic" news

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ps5 comes out later this year

still can't afford a ps4

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Hay guys I'm going to mconald. Ya'll want anything?

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>when muffy poster figures it out

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according to capcom they're african

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why yes i love xbox

how did you know?

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MY FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT MOTHER GAVE ME FUCKING ORAL HERPES Haven't wanted to kill anyone like this in fucking months man. Probably just gonna end it instead though.

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Just got back from the mall, I seen several interracial couples, which was nice and to be expected.

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What happened to the lolicat thread?

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Can't sleep, i'm going to make hibiscus tea. A friendly reminder, 5%/90%.

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>dude in Seattle got the Wu Flu >tfw I was traveling through the area last week >tfw I was around a couple dudes who were coughing a lot >tfw I came down with a cold today If I get yeeted by the Wu Flu, I just wanna say it was fun shitposting with you faggots.

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This man raped a 13 year old. He got 17 years in the can. Would you radar rape and get 17 years or less OR shoot up people and go to jail FOREVER

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Do you work? If so: what's your job and do you like it? shitposting is not a job

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why yes i love trannies

how did you know?

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Is the impeachment trial over yet? Did ZOGnald win?

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how would you cook this cow?

need answers astros

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member when gta was white?

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why do blacks larp themselves with dominicans?

they clearly don't understand dominicans are half Europeans, nowhere nearly as bantu black as the typical sub saharan from Compton why Egypt not enough for them?