The rocket’s boarding, don’t miss out!

Market status

Due to the recent success of getting Mooncoin onto C-CEX exchange, many previous deniers of mooncoin’s capabilities have started to see it’s long term potential growth.

There was an amazing surge upwards last night, breaking the ATH (All time high), and the current value seems to have stabilized at around 5 SAT (0.00000005 BTC).

Mooncoin is now the hottest BTC trading pair on all three of it’s exchanges, so make sure to check the links below, research the coin’s potential and invest as you see fit.

Community Status

Our community on the discord server is growing bigger all the time, with around 100-200 active members throughout the week. There are multiple new features being added all the time, both informative and fun, so come in and check them out.

Redectro’s “Moon Radio”

Redectro has recently added a new bot which lets you request music via a youtube link in the chat channel #song-request to be played in the Moon Radio voice channel for yourself and other users to listen to.


Moonchan has had an upgrade!
If you don’t know who this is, its our friendly bot who keeps everyone informed about current market information. User Kaibutsu has slaved away into long hours of the night to bring us this wonderful asset, so make sure you give him credit when you see him and vote in the poll to donate some funding for his hard work!


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