How to mine Mooncoin (with GPU)

So, to start mining Mooncoin with your GPU, you need to use a mining pool. Here is a list of mining pools i have found so far:

I’ll be using AikaPool in this tutorial, but the steps are generally the same for every mining pool.

STEP 1: Register and set up your workers

First, go to the Mooncoin page of AikaPool. You should see something like this:

Go and create an account by clicking on Guest => Sign Up

After logging in, you will be presented with this screen:

Now, you need to set up a worker. A worker is a sort of a username/login, that you will be using in mining later on.

To do so, click on My Account => My Workers. You should see something like this:

Create a new worker, using the “Add new worker” menu. I will create a worker named ‘test’, with the password ‘123’

Okay, you are done setting up workers. Next step is to actually install the software for mining.

STEP 2: Downloading mining software and configuration

Okay, now you need to download mining software. Without mining software, you won’t be able to mine (obviously).

  • For Nvidia, download cudaminer here.
  • For AMD, download cgminer here.

Alright, so. Extract the zip file you have downloaded. I will be using cudaminer in this tutorial, but you can replace the cudaminer part with cgminer’s, since the syntax is identical.

After you have extracted cudaminer, open Notepad/any text editor, and enter this:

cudaminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u UserName.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword


  1. UserName  – with the username you registered in AikaPool
  2. WorkerName –  with the worker name you set in step 2
  3. WorkerPassword –  with the worker password you set in step 2

Note: if you are using cgminer, replace cudaminer with cgminer.

Save the file as start.bat. Be sure to save it in the same directory the miner software is located.

STEP 3: Start mining

Alright, now go and double click on the start.bat, and you have started mining! To monitor your rewards, check AikaPool’s dashboard.

– Redectro