What development is currently happening?


One of the first things mentioned was an expression of interest to migrate to the new litecoin 0.13 codebase.

Read about it here

A feature of this release is Segregated Witness (SegWit)

1. Eliminates risks involved with transaction malleability
2. Increases efficiency
3. Increases block capacity


An algorithm switch from scrypt has been brought up in order to put more power into the hands of the everyday user.
Possible options include Argon2 and Skein.
This is still up in the air, so any thoughts on this are welcome from the public.


Bittrex was always the next goal for Mooncoin, however previous attempts to get listed got the usual policy response of not commenting on whether or not a coin will be entering their marketplace. Social media exposure and increased daily volume will definitely be a key method to catch their attention.