How to mine Mooncoin (with GPU)

So, to start mining Mooncoin with your GPU, you need to use a mining pool. Here is a list of mining pools i have found so far:

I’ll be using AikaPool in this tutorial, but the steps are generally the same for every mining pool.

STEP 1: Register and set up your workers

First, go to the Mooncoin page of AikaPool. You should see something like this:

Go and create an account by clicking on Guest => Sign Up

After logging in, you will be presented with this screen:

Now, you need to set up a worker. A worker is a sort of a username/login, that you will be using in mining later on.

To do so, click on My Account => My Workers. You should see something like this:

Create a new worker, using the “Add new worker” menu. I will create a worker named ‘test’, with the password ‘123’

Okay, you are done setting up workers. Next step is to actually install the software for mining.

STEP 2: Downloading mining software and configuration

Okay, now you need to download mining software. Without mining software, you won’t be able to mine (obviously).

  • For Nvidia, download cudaminer here.
  • For AMD, download cgminer here.

Alright, so. Extract the zip file you have downloaded. I will be using cudaminer in this tutorial, but you can replace the cudaminer part with cgminer’s, since the syntax is identical.

After you have extracted cudaminer, open Notepad/any text editor, and enter this:

cudaminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u UserName.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword


  1. UserName  – with the username you registered in AikaPool
  2. WorkerName –  with the worker name you set in step 2
  3. WorkerPassword –  with the worker password you set in step 2

Note: if you are using cgminer, replace cudaminer with cgminer.

Save the file as start.bat. Be sure to save it in the same directory the miner software is located.

STEP 3: Start mining

Alright, now go and double click on the start.bat, and you have started mining! To monitor your rewards, check AikaPool’s dashboard.

– Redectro

The rocket’s boarding, don’t miss out!

Market status

Due to the recent success of getting Mooncoin onto C-CEX exchange, many previous deniers of mooncoin’s capabilities have started to see it’s long term potential growth.

There was an amazing surge upwards last night, breaking the ATH (All time high), and the current value seems to have stabilized at around 5 SAT (0.00000005 BTC).

Mooncoin is now the hottest BTC trading pair on all three of it’s exchanges, so make sure to check the links below, research the coin’s potential and invest as you see fit.

Community Status

Our community on the discord server is growing bigger all the time, with around 100-200 active members throughout the week. There are multiple new features being added all the time, both informative and fun, so come in and check them out.

Redectro’s “Moon Radio”

Redectro has recently added a new bot which lets you request music via a youtube link in the chat channel #song-request to be played in the Moon Radio voice channel for yourself and other users to listen to.


Moonchan has had an upgrade!
If you don’t know who this is, its our friendly bot who keeps everyone informed about current market information. User Kaibutsu has slaved away into long hours of the night to bring us this wonderful asset, so make sure you give him credit when you see him and vote in the poll to donate some funding for his hard work!


Vote for Mooncoin to get on the C-CEX exchange!

As I write this, mooncoin is currently sitting at second place on C-CEX’s voting platform to introduce new coins to their exchange.

Take a look here.

With only ~0.1 BTC in votes needed to get us into first place, there’s a real opportunity for Mooncoin to win this weeks vote.

If you have some spare BTC lying around (at least 0.001) then this contribution will really benefit the entire Mooncoin community in the long run.

Votes will not be reset, so there is potential to get on there next week even if we miss out this time around. However, with such a small gap we should aim to close it while we can and move Mooncoin even further forward!


Crypto 101

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money. It can be used just like any other type of money you control, except for the fact that this money exists solely on hardware like your phone or computer. You can even download a wallet application onto your device to store your digital coins in for later use, or you can keep them in online wallets for quicker, but less secure access.

Because cryptocurrencies are relatively new technology, not all places you go will accept this form of digital cash. However, with increased usage, more and more online vendors are opening up their cash registers to allow you to purchase goods and services in crypto!

Here are a few advantages to this:

  •  Low (or no) transaction fees
  •  You don’t have to risk entering any credit/debit card information
  •  All transactions are recorded, permanently, on what is called a blockchain

It’s also important to note that cryptocurrency can’t be counterfeited due to transactions being recorded on a blockchain that is verified across a large peer to peer network.

Some examples of cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Mooncoin. There are now numerous cryptocurrencies out there, and each one has a unique flavor to it, but these are a few of my favorites.

What is a blockchain?

The blockchain is what makes cryptocurrency technology really remarkable. A blockchain is a digital ledger made up of blocks of data that typically store transaction information.

Here’s how it works: When a transaction is made, the request is sent to a computer, usually called a node, on a peer to peer network. That node will verify that the requested transaction is valid, and combine that transaction with several others to form a block of data. Other computers on the network will also verify the transaction, and the block will get added to the blockchain.

Every single node on the network has a copy of this chain, and every copy of the blockchain is verified to be exactly the same. This is important because it prevents counterfeit. For example, let’s say I have one Mooncoin in my wallet, and I want to copy it by trying to send it two places at once. I make a send request of one Mooncoin to my friend and make another send request of one Mooncoin to another wallet I own. The two transactions will get sent to two different nodes. After those nodes verify their transactions and send them to the rest of the network, some nodes will get one transaction, and other ones get the other.

This is starting to sound like a big problem, but it’s not. The transaction that is verified by the most nodes becomes valid and is added to the official blockchain. The other one is simply ignored. This ensures that no one can damage the value of the coin by producing counterfeits.

Also, since the blockchain is stored on every single node, nobody can go into their own copy and edit the transaction history. This makes the blockchain decentralized. That means that no single organization or person holds the ledger, so the system can’t be cheated. The blockchain is held by every single computer on the network to ensure fair exchange.

If you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions for what I should write about next, then just drop a comment down below!

– Alex

Mooncoin Web Wallet

James has recently managed to get a brand new Mooncoin web wallet up and running.

Easy to set up, just click here (or here) and follow the instructions.

Don’t forget to bookmark the link so you don’t lose it!


What development is currently happening?


One of the first things mentioned was an expression of interest to migrate to the new litecoin 0.13 codebase.

Read about it here

A feature of this release is Segregated Witness (SegWit)

1. Eliminates risks involved with transaction malleability
2. Increases efficiency
3. Increases block capacity


An algorithm switch from scrypt has been brought up in order to put more power into the hands of the everyday user.
Possible options include Argon2 and Skein.
This is still up in the air, so any thoughts on this are welcome from the public.


Bittrex was always the next goal for Mooncoin, however previous attempts to get listed got the usual policy response of not commenting on whether or not a coin will be entering their marketplace. Social media exposure and increased daily volume will definitely be a key method to catch their attention.